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raising the standards for coffee wherever our delicious blends are being served



As an award-winning independent roastery, Altitude Coffee Lab takes pride in offering only the finest of coffees. We thoughtfully craft each of our roasts to enhance the characteristics of each individual coffee.
This ensures that your cup is filled with the most delicious of brews.

Hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed. Altitude Coffee Lab uses only ethically sourced beans. We want to be sure that each hardworking individual who’s played a role in the growth and harvest, receives as much compensation as possible. We are all part of the team.

• Quality coffee regardless of the demand; whether a local hang out or a high volume resort, quality is the constant.
• Bold. Fresh. Local. Superior. Taste the difference. Mediocre is simply a stranger.
• Global community. From the time a seed is planted to the time a cup of coffee is consumed, our community has expanded exponentially. We value every single one of our partners.


ALTITUDE HOUSE BLEND: Full Bodied – Chocolate & Smokey

ESPRESSO: Bright – Black Berry & Red Apple

COSTA RICA: Bright – Toasted Marshmallow & Cherry

BRASIL: Walnut – Smooth & Dry

ETHIOPIAN: Chocolate & Blood Orange

EL SALVADOR: Graham Cracker & Green Apple

RWANDA: Cherry Cola & Sweet Red Wine

MEXICO: Cinnamon – Clove & Mulled Spice

COLOMBIA: Bourbon & Black Cherry

• Specialty Coffee Roasters
• Private Labeling
• Hand-Crafted European Roaster
• Custom Roasts
• Artisan Small Batch Roasting Techniques
• Equipment
• Globally-sourced green beans
• Expedited Delivery
• Credit Card, Check, or COD
• Office Coffee Solutions
• Consulting for new Coffee Shops
• Organic Options

$9.50 House or Espresso (Discounts available for high volume) Additional Shipping costs may apply Alternate pricing for Single origins may apply

• Altitude Coffee Carts are a turnkey business opportunity
• Mobile coffee bar kiosk
• Minimal Overhead
• Unique amenity for any building
• Internal plumbing
• Water & gray water storage
• For Purchase
• For Lease
• For Partnership

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Premium Craft Roasting

Altitude Coffee Lab is an artisan café/roastery that’s raising the standards for coffee wherever our delicious blends are being served.
We are a local roasting company offering a fresh take on wholesale coffee procurement. Our knowledgeable roasting staff has over 20 years of experience providing premium roasted coffee. Whether you seek to offer exquisite coffee as an amenity to clients or be supplied with large bulk orders for a full-featured coffee houses, Altitude Coffee Lab will elevate your customer’s coffee experience.

– Our house blend is a medium dark blend with hints of sweet bakers chocolate.
– Our Espresso Roast is a smooth bodied light roast with notes of wild berries.
– Decaf is the same flavor profile as our house blend.
– Brazil is a dry, full bodied coffee with a nutty finish.

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Wholesale Roasting 

Our wholesale option offers reliable deliveries of fresh, roasted-to-order coffee on a consistent basis for your office or business. We select, calibrate, and brew all of our delicious coffee varietals on site. Provide the procurement of, and training on equipment that best suits your needs. We also offer private labeling to further enhance your brand and marketing needs. Payment by credit card, check or COD.

Altitude Coffee Lab Scottsdale

8320 N Hayden Rd #107

ScottsdaleArizona 85258

Phone: 480-878-5611

Sunday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Monday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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